Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So here it is. I am fascinated by getting out the truth about cult activity, past and present. It irritates me when people talk about "drinking the kool-aid" without realizing that it is a reference to the murder of over 900 people in the Guyanese jungle. The people of Jonestown did not commit mass suicide, they were done in by mass murder.
So considering this is my passion and chances are you have not seen and collected every cult related book, DVD, and tv show on the air, I am here to be your guide. Your conduit to all things cult related.
Let's get started! Have you got questions? I'll do the work, and you can sit back and wait to be served the info you request.
Kicking it off? Westboro Baptist Church? Not Baptists or even (in my opinion) a church. Discuss amongst yourselves.